13412164_10208327139408206_1308258820303272306_oThank you for taking time to look at this website.

My normal day consists of waking up to sun peeking its way through my window. I don’t normally want to get up. I want my lectures, the friends and the food to come to me.

20 minutes into the alarm being silenced and then silenced and then silenced I have enough energy to be Wallace and Gromitted out of the house.

30 minutes go by and I feel ready, my eyes have adjusted to the morning light.

I walk out onto the cobbled, gothic streets of Edinburgh. This is my home until I finish my studies of English Literature and Religious Studies.

I Am a 19 year old British female, with aesthetics of honey hair, fairly short legs, big dark eyebrows a bum chin and an over extended smile.

That is my present. In short.

My past.

I am the daughter of a red headed strong women who has majorly influenced my strength in the ordeals of life. I have been brought up from an early age by her just alone as my dad left to work in Dubai and they soon after divorced.

I was also brought up by my two gorgeous older sisters. So had three mums. Women are powerful in many respects and I have had the pleasure to have lived in the same room as all these hormonal spirits, which has been a massive beautiful, emotional, tiring, fulfilling assault course.

These four women have given me love and listened which has given me the ability to set this project up.

My family has struggled but I have fortunately had the opportunity and time to study which has brought me to study literature and specifically writing.

I dedicate this to all the people that have helped me with this project. My dad, my family and my dog who was there in the long moments of setting it up, head rested on my lap. Especially Mum and Selin Ates who after a slightly hideous summer where hearts were broken and the project died a little, the strength and wisdom of both these ethereal women helped me power on.