The Vision

Hello !
Welcome to this safe place to discuss sex and all that comes with it.
Sex, despite many people trying to ignore it, has central importance in our lives whether it happens to you or not.
When I am using the word, sex, I am using it loosely to mean all the emotional and physical reactions that we have towards that word, how it is used and what we do with it.
When I am asking people what they feel, sex can be just a simple touch or a first kiss. Its not, I believe, just getting in between the sheets with someone, as for many it is simply mental and doesn’t even need a second body and mind to make it happen.

For a long time I have felt like I need to keep sex in the covers, hide what I felt and how my body reacted. I felt people may have judged me, especially as a women. Not until I came to University and heard a girl across the bar talking about how her ‘Vagina felt whole’ did I start talking. I was starry eyed at her liberal use of ‘Vagina’ and how she threw her arms up in exhilaration at her self contentment. I then started using the word vagina more and this opened Pandora’s box to a whole world of conversation about menstruation, of sexual position, of awkward morning afters and of those who felt so differently to me about identity in the bed. I kept on discovering and I slowly got used to the stars in my eyes and the space I lived in started to grow.

I then noticed that talking about sex was indeed hard. I felt that sometimes the feelings that were experienced were more easily communicated through personal forms as mouthpieces. These forms that were given to me were art, poetry and short stories that depicted these often overwhelming emotional and physical responses that find a difficult place in small talk.

I wanted to then put them all together in this creative forum where we can see how people approach sex in numerous ways. Through putting faces and names of these talented writers and artists will hopefully help to start a discussion about sex, without it being something to hide away from.

Sex shouldn’t be dangerous and I know I am lucky enough to have the luxury of being brought up in London surrounded by liberal friends and family. But I understand sex is a controversial subject and is impossible to decode, but lets try. I have attempted it to stay well away from being kinky or sexualised and instead be artistic and open.

The forum will work by TOPICS. Every month there will be a new topic with the first being FIRST TIMES. Under this title I ask people to submit their reaction based on personal experiences which can be in any form. The next Topic is MORNING AFTER so I look forward to getting some submissions for the next month.

I look forward to see where this goes, I hope you can appreciate that talking is a freedom that we need to start utilising.
Lots of love,
Eliza Lawrence.



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