Thank you for taking the time to look at my website. If you’re on here there is nothing to be worried about. This isn’t porn, nor is this website just about sex. Sex is indescribable, and this is the precious juice that fuels this project.



I came to Edinburgh University in September 2016 to study English Literature. I was interested in the novels that were dancing around lecture halls. The libraries that smelt of these stories I was soon to be wrapped up in; adding an extra layer against the cold Edinburgh wind.   

However, being a student at Edinburgh was as much to do with the city and the people that meandered through it, as with the institution itself. I become increasingly entranced by the present poets in the dingy pubs down cobbled streets and the numerous student-held poetry slams.  

Men and women alike were expressing all kinds of things with their voices and the audience wherealways watching hungrily as if they hadn’t been fed such feeling before.  

I was one of these audience members. Exhilarated by the talent and openness to share, that surrounded this wonderful place. I wanted to capture it somehow as a kind of diary to present to the people who had missed out.  

I started speaking to the poets, storytellers and illustrators that I met around campus and they all expressed how there was one subject that still seemed to be in the shadows, and that they found their art in particular to be a necessary mouthpiece in starting a real conversation.  


A topic that has always been awkward, always been made to seem dirty. Sex was a topic that was too chaotic in its varied experiences that there were no ways of talking about it, but art, voice and other creative methods seemed to help in painting some kind of picture. 

Inspired by these people who used their talents as a tool to release, expose and translate feelings that were jumbled and sinister if left to sit inside, I began a passionate project of mine 



This is an online platform which began after my first University summer. I had messaged those id met in Edinburgh that I knew where talented and felt safe to share publicly their stories.  

Here people have total freedom,  it is genderless However I do ask for a lack of anonymity, as I want people to be brave with their work and this will spur and inspire everyone to come out of the shadows and break the sex taboo 

Art, photography, stories, films and poetry all being written by Edinburgh students on the particular title of the month. Now ‘Wasitgoodforyou has spread to Bristol, Manchester and London. More submissions. 

I have learnt a lot from the journey until now which is why the importance and necessity for this platform has become ever increasing. 

Sex is such a huge and daunting subject and I think the more we can collate an encyclopaedia of feelings and experiences, the more one can make sense of it.