WASITGOODFORYOU is now extending into a clothing store. So stay tuned, keep your water by you (foreshadowing dribbling) and make sure to tell your friends.

All our clothes are planet friendly, picked specially from vintage stores or flea markets and decorated through embroidery or screen print. Soon I will be putting up a post about all those involved, but for now here is a sneak peak.


SO LONG. A poem written by John Appleseed.


How much love can a love do

I can put as many syllabus in as I want to

This is not a haiku

I’ll spunk on you while your in the loo

I’ll do whatever I want too

But I am not you

Eat my ears, then lick my tears

I’ll eat your ass, if you eat my fears

There’s a padlock on my heart

Finding the key is the hardest part

Just don’t tear it apart

Being with you is like being with swan

One day I’ve lost one day I’ve won

I’ll miss your cunt when your gone

This is my bird song But don’t get me wrong

The sound of you cumming , is like a gong

The sound prolongs…..

Fuck me.

Love me.

But don’t forget me. Gravity.


‘Cold Shower’ Foreword and poem by Claire L Smith.

FOREWORD: In modern day  sex is the focus of creative media, song lyrics, and other such forms of art. However, we tend to neglect those who find the very idea of it uncomfortable.

COLD SHOWER is a poem about Genophobia aka fear of sexual intimacy, not just in regards to the physical aspect of sex but also the emotional closeness aspect. The protagonist takes a ‘cold shower’ after feeling compassion and arousal for a loving man. She is afraid to push the relationship further due to an abusive past and also a deep vulnerability about her bare physic and an obvious lack of trust in others. Thank you for your consideration and time, Claire L. Smith




The heat of sugary tea filled the room, Like a haven, a safe, mother’s womb.

The warm coffee feeding the glow inside her stomach, Yet her heart swirled with a thick, hesitant soup.

He sat straight with a glowing face, His eyes a rich, alluring chocolate, His hand shimming the surface, Across to her trembling, hunched knuckles.

The table bowed as she shot upwards, The cold, ghostly hands gripping at her mind, The shame swelling in her chest, “I have to go”, she whispered.

Back in her decorated cave, She dove into the summoned waterfall of cool, Under the hard, wet pebbles, Her pink skin turned to blue.

The rocks continued to pound her, Punishing in their chill. She held herself in her shrivelled arms, Comfort disappearing from her own embrace.

Still, she thought of him, Her body breathing a wave of heat, With the image of his warm, brown eyes, A smile pinching her lips.

With another haul of chill ran down her back, His eyes growing an icy blue in her numb gaze, Her stomach hurling, her body collapsing, Trapped in her cage of ice and glass.


LOVE (?) A thoughtful thought process. Written by Shaz.




DISCLAIMER: I have literally NO EXPERIENCE of mutual love so the following text is entirely FLAWED and MISGUIDED.

I am, however, very interested and curious about love and would like to share my thoughts.

The idea of spending every waking second thinking about, or being with another human being is one of the most repulsive pursuits I could ever imagine. I’m someone who relishes privacy and enjoys being alone. I don’t live in a cave, I have friends who I respect and hugely appreciate. I could probably spend maximum a month on a desert island, solely with my most admired friends, before I’d go completely insane and probably try overdosing on coconut milk. In a way, a romantic coupling is like friendship but with some pleasant bonuses. I just don’t understand how two people could want be glued together indefinitely. Marriage to me is like saying: “I’ll trap you in my cage if you trap me in yours… forever”. Absurd. (And if you think marriage is good for having babies, you’re wrong too. The world doesn’t need more babies. It’s full.) To me, the words “I love you” really mean “I’m willing to put up with your flaws if it means I won’t be lonely”. I’ve never been in love because I don’t have a fear of loneliness. My validation comes from friends and most of all, myself. I have no shame in admitting I fear love. I’m terrified by the idea of constantly having to rely on someone, and for someone to constantly rely on me. It’s a hell of a lot of responsibility. You may think I’m just cynical but I do strongly believe that people will always let you down at some point, and you will let them down too.

Having said all this, I would like to find love one day, just to see if my ideas are true. If they are, then I’ll have the right to be smug, if I’m wrong then I’ll be in love. I hope I’m wrong.