Nicholas Ballesteros


breakfast time, breakfast time

kids its 

time to smear the mud off your leg just in 

time to smell the coffee. wake up and smell the coffee 

thats been sitting there all this

time that you waited with hope and loss and no concept of time in itself

when the seconds melted into your minds eye

the film rolling 

millimetre by milimetre

the moments relived invisibly

before your eyes




so you were out of their way

while you lay 

with eyes


placid yet rigid 

a canvas laid bare 

whats the time? ive no time for a watch ive no

time for you – never have never will

will you please take the tim-


no its not 

time can never be up

times a human construct that is sealed with a kiss of death

the end of all time

is where the paradox lies

and where all of the times all rise up into one

piece of millions of pieces that were frozen in time

that second you opened your eyes 

but its time now

to revisit those times 

to honour and accept and to cherish the times

and to hold the hand of that child in time

because that may be then 

and this may be now 

but the hands of time have always been joined

you just looked where they were were going

not where they came from 

and they came from the start

when before two

there was one 


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