SO LONG. A poem written by John Appleseed.


How much love can a love do

I can put as many syllabus in as I want to

This is not a haiku

I’ll spunk on you while your in the loo

I’ll do whatever I want too

But I am not you

Eat my ears, then lick my tears

I’ll eat your ass, if you eat my fears

There’s a padlock on my heart

Finding the key is the hardest part

Just don’t tear it apart

Being with you is like being with swan

One day I’ve lost one day I’ve won

I’ll miss your cunt when your gone

This is my bird song But don’t get me wrong

The sound of you cumming , is like a gong

The sound prolongs…..

Fuck me.

Love me.

But don’t forget me. Gravity.


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