L’autre côté de votre douleur – The other side of your pain

It wasn’t bliss, not a real kiss, nor pain
It was planning and thought and rage and blame
I’ve tasted your blood, inhaled your breath
You knew at first kiss we were doomed to slow death

No it wasn’t good for me, it was passion and violence
But maybe you’d rather trade that for something mundane, sweet and silent
Is this everything you came to expect
Are you climbing your walls, begging to repent

Did love not turn out as sweet as honey?
Even after all the drugs and the hugs and the money
You don’t see the humour, I made you and you made me
And now you are lost, and neither of us free

Is that what scares you, that I see straight through to your bones?
You’re a fool and I your bad habit, but I’m tired, and you alone
What a dark dream this is, a bittersweet game
But we know we’ll both play
Since we were kids
You were the moth to my flame

And I did know what to do, but it always takes two
You wanted another taste and I of you too
Though mine pained you, your tears made me smile
You deserved every drop shed, they’ll all see in a while

Are your scars still there, are your wounds still deep?
Do dreams of our heaven on earth plague your sleep
I used to know you, we walked together once upon a dream
But I warned you, nothing is ever as it seems

It was better than that, there were no clouds it was all storms
And storms were always our taste, who’d want a rose without thorns?
Never thought you’d loose your taste and wild appetite
Wonder if leaving ferocious rapture was worth the bromidic, lukewarm light

Only one can read this as it’s really written
If it’s you you’ll know, the marks are there, you were bitten
What tragic story it is
One only we could have written


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