Pain. ‘Bliss, Kiss, Pain’. A poem written by Edward Meltzer.

Bliss, Kiss, Pain.

Alone together,
In my hole of a flat.
In the land of never,
On our cloud we sat.
Laughing and clutching with our bodies and minds,
Falling and falling,
Completely entwined.
We both called this bliss,
But it was fucked with a kiss.

A moment of lust,
That replaced the fuzz.
Laughter turned to silence,
And although it was silence it screamed out in pain.

I didn’t understand,
You still clutched my hand,
But it was no longer for love,
It was simply because you didn’t know what else to do.

We were still alone.
Sat on the same bed.
Still in the hole I call home.
But our cloud had turned to lead.
And we were now falling and falling,
Not for eachother but back into reality.
And when those tears started rolling,
I was hit by that gravity.
For one night I felt I had you as my girl,
But in the same night, I lost you back into the real world.

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