Pain Rant. ‘You’ve been shit, mostly’. Anonymous

Dear men in my life,

You’ve been shit, mostly.

Commitment-phobes, aggressive, there one minute and then gone. Leaving me still catching my breath. You’ve promised things and not followed through. You’ve given up too easily. You’ve been full of empty words, when it’s been action and authenticity that I have craved. You’ve led me on and been charming, when all along your heart has belonged to someone else. You’ve used me and (nearly) always prioritised your pleasure over mine. As I have grown up, i’ve wanted more from you and you’ve given me less. I’ve found comfort and closeness in friends and a blossoming self-love. But I am still attracted to you, so I hope you can be better. I have sunk more within myself in your presence with recent rejections. I find it superficial and brutally hard sometimes to keep shining and giving off my best, all of myself, afraid to unwind and be consumed in pleasure only for it all to dissipate and unravel as quickly as it started. A fear of disappointment. Protecting myself from probable hurting. I’m not waiting for Mr Right, but for someone that communicates what they are thinking and is honest to me. For someone that can leave their ego at the door and go on a beautiful journey of love and discovery with me. I will try and keep my mind and heart open for your arrival.


WHY ANONYMOUS= This person has remained anonymous because the men are still present. Hopefully when the man is found that doesn’t play any games or have extortionate male ego then they will rest easy with beauty and a calm breath.


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