IS SEX IMPORTANT ? POEM BY SELIN ATES.. ‘sex is wrong, go elsewhere’

Maybe God, as a man, with a beard, in a chair
He was right, in the Book ‘sex is wrong- go elsewhere.’

A feeling for connection or for licking an erection

Or injecting into skin a little tingle and a thrill of

“Wow he wants to touch me, and wow she is divine!”

A craving for a tangling of limbs just really is:

A question of acceptance:

“Will you see my skin is rough?
and I wake up with a cough”

“I am boring, watching crap
On the internet while sat
On a chair with my feet
in the air”

“Will you like me when I cry? Not pretty tears of butterflies- a sobbing oh why oh why oh why”

With a sigh- a moan, a groan- some sex.

Maybe I will think you accept me.

Maybe God was right- go elsewhere.

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