DESIRE. Anonymous. Poem/ Rant. ‘Desire stretches to press pause’

Desire. When someone says desire Am I supposed to imagine a rush of blood? A pounding sensation in my ears? Hands that are both clammy and ice And dilating pupils? Because really my desire just presses pause. A clean slice through the white noise Into bold and unapologetic silence. Every thought in my head that cried out for attention And every colour and shape and sight I can see Threaded together and held by a single knot. Desire doesn’t care for clocks or circumstance. It just knows it is now And now is a moment trembling before us, a glimmer of light reflected on the
floorboards. When love must consistently burn through the night desire need only light the match. No longer will I
ascribe a temperature or state to something so urgent and fleeting: A whisper in my ear or fingers raked through my
hair, A glance or a hand on my back that no one passing saw, Breathe on my neck. I don’t hear or see anymore. It is
desire that steps out to encase me but you step first. A dance with the present tense. Desire stretches to press pause.


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