hand with protective rubber glove

TURN ME ON. ‘Man in the rubber glove’. By someone mysterious who sent this to me in the shadows.

At first you’ll enjoy it all, And then you’ll give it a go.
Act cool, You’ve got enough to show – although be sure to let it grow.
In the moment you won’t last, You’ll cum too fast. Is this the end, Will she still want to be my girlfriend? You’ll learn to seek shelter with your head between her legs, Listening to her as she begs. Using her groans to block out your own, However yours are more of a moan.
Why is it that you can’t last as long as your love, That’s a question you’ll have to ask the man in the rubber glove. A hand so keen to touch, A lover probably capable of so much. Debilitated supposedly by only mind, And supposedly it is confidence you’ll need to find. Confidence in who? I’ll leave that one down to you.


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