Morning after. William Eccles. A dedication to the man, Leonard that left this week to go somewhere else.


Is it cheating to borrow the creativity of the great dead poet Leonard Cohen?

This is from his farewell album.

Surely death is a form of morning after?

Leaving The Table. Words and Music by Leonard Cohen

I’m leaving the table I’m out of the game I don’t know the people In your picture frame If I ever loved you It’s a crying shame If I ever loved you If I knew your name You don’t need a lawyer I’m not making a claim. You can put down your weapon I’m not taking aim I don’t need a lover. The wretched beast is tame I don’t need a lover So blow out the flame There’s nobody missing. There is no reward Little by little We’re cutting the cord We’re spending the treasure That love cannot afford I know you can feel it. The sweetness restored I don’t need a reason for what I became I’ve got these excuses. They’re old and they’re lame I don’t need a pardon. There’s no one left to blame.

I’m leaving the table I’m out of the game


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