FIRST TIMES. Melissa Gardener. The importance of your first time.

Don’t expose too much too soon. Not just physically but emotionally. You leave yourself vulnerable to the events that ensue, on a lower hand to your significant other. But why? Why must we conceal how we truly feel?
In a time where passion is so rare to find it is almost rebellious to love intensely. But with that intensely. But with that intensity we are a danger to ourselves, so Lust is what we turn to. Lusting over them hiding our true intentions, concealing our raw desires until we find a time deemed suitable to expose just that one little bit of ardour.
This is when you experience your FIRST TIME.
The FIRST TIME you’re alone together, the first time you kiss, the first time you make love.
The FIRST TIME is the make or break, the fragility of this moment is what makes it so beautiful. The delicate state of the first time is not one to be underestimated, but to be respected, cherished and feared.


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