The Vision


WASITGOODFORYOU is a collection of poetry, storytelling, illustration and photography from 45 different mouthpieces on the topic of SEX. It attempts to combat the taboo that ‘sex is dirty’ and opens up a healthy and diverse dialogue.


The book will be available to buy online and in some stores on the 12th September.
Pre-order now, and we will notify you when the book is available to buy!

MY SEX SONNET. By Chris Bosten.

He tells himself that which he feigns to know A coil of strictures unearthed in nature's flanks Its secret art ...
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‘Are you sure you don’t want to stay?’. By Elena Siretanu

‘         'Are you sure you don’t want to stay?’ You mumbled unconvincingly through your breath as ...
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LA, Poem by Octavia Akoulitchev

Special acknowledgment for Octavia Akoulitchev @0ctaviaa) is the writer and reads the poem,and Michaela Perau (@michaela_perau) for directing and editing ...
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‘You were great I thought’ by Marigold Fiddian-Green.

You were great I thought  However, you got caught. I headed off to Asia, To travel, enjoy and breathe, Some ...
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‘A CORONA LOVE STORY’. Small play by Eliza Lawrence.

A Revised Courtship By Eliza Lawrence. Setting: Two computer screens reveal the insides of each other’s room. Imran’s is near ...
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POET: PURDEY WILLIAMS. I think of you oftenMostly when aloneThe magical qualityOf such a tender bone Others reduce me to ...
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SEXY? Sofie Brown.

What Does Sexy Mean To You?          He suddenly turned from his friends, swiveling on his bar stool and asked ...
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The man that looked at the purple sky. And not the purple prince combs his hands around the girl The ...
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Two websites, Three girls.

An interview about the behind the scenes, the dreams and the hectic means it took to create Wasitgoodforyou and an ...
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