The Vision

To abandon the Victorian ideal of sex.

To vaporise the Taboo that sex isn’t important, or should be left out of conversation.

To start a thread of stories of personal intimacy so we can come closer to what as humans we live for and our alive because.

At the centre of Wasitgoodforyou is the necessity to realise that sex is holy, delicate, sensitive and beautiful and we must afford ourselves the freedom to discuss its many foundations.

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LOVE. An illustration by Lillie Durant.

      A drawing for all the deeply intimate moments I shared with others, whereby we experienced an exchange of loving energy.       Even if we don’t speak anymore, or no matter how fleeting and spontaneous it was, these moments will always have a lasting imprint on my soul.  Surfacing in my […]


Love sucks.   I am sleeping with a vampire at the moment They don’t use names I’m loving with a vampire at the moment They even don’t have surnames. They have cell phones though That much I know. They also don’t have very good manners They let you into their cave. Maybe you’ll be lucky […]

LOVE. A thought AND thought visual by Lilly Seibel.

THE THOUGHT CONSTRUCT OF LOVE Why are we so afraid of love? It seems easier to be hateful than to support and love each other, you just have to see the news or go through social media apps to recognize that. But why? Sometimes, love in our society feels like a jungle of rules and […]

LOVE and other things. Self potrait’s by Sophie Hamann.

These are four portraits that have been drawn over the last three years. In total there are 75 and this project called ‘The 100 faces’ will be finished as soon as Sophie reaches the 100th portrait. The aim, she tells me, is to understand the emotions, drawing out the shadows that cant be exposed by […]

LOVE. Poetry from Tanaka Mhishi

        Long Distance   I love you. It waxes and wanes. Some days I imagine your face and it’s like a deep ticking inside me, a wasted muscle. Then, palming apples in the supermarket my love for you will shake me by the shoulders, drain my chest of oxygen. Fruit rolls in […]

.LOVE. George Tomsett.

  ‘These two poems are from my debut anthology, Just About. The book deals in one way or another with just about everything I have thought, felt or experienced and so, of course, love is in there somewhere, between the lines, as it is in these two, or visible in every letter. All the breakups […]


WASITGOODFORYOU is now extending into a clothing store. So stay tuned, keep your water by you (foreshadowing dribbling) and make sure to tell your friends. All our clothes are planet friendly, picked specially from vintage stores or flea markets and decorated through embroidery or screen print. Soon I will be putting up a post about […]

‘Oscillating spaces’. ART BY KIT ROALD.


SO LONG. A poem written by John Appleseed.

SO LONG How much love can a love do I can put as many syllabus in as I want to This is not a haiku I’ll spunk on you while your in the loo I’ll do whatever I want too But I am not you Eat my ears, then lick my tears I’ll eat your […]