The Vision

To abandon the Victorian ideal of sex.

To vaporise the Taboo that sex isn’t important, or should be left out of conversation.

To start a thread of stories of personal intimacy so we can come closer to what as humans we live for and our alive because.

At the centre of Wasitgoodforyou is the necessity to realise that sex is holy, delicate, sensitive and beautiful and we must afford ourselves the freedom to discuss its many foundations.

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‘Are you sure you don’t want to stay?’. By Elena Siretanu

‘         ‘Are you sure you don’t want to stay?’ You mumbled unconvincingly through your breath as I was walking out the door. ‘I have to wake up early tomorrow’. I replied ,half aware, leaving your house. I walked back home drifting, still feeling the condom’s ghost presence stuck in my vagina […]

LA, Poem by Octavia Akoulitchev

Special acknowledgment for Octavia Akoulitchev @0ctaviaa) is the writer and reads the poem,and Michaela Perau (@michaela_perau) for directing and editing the film Model is Kiana Perau (kianamperau) THE POEM COMES FROM A VERY SPECIAL BOOK YOU CAN BY! link to buy the book: Amazon description says:‘As described on “The poetry collection celebrating the imperfect, frank woman, SMEARis […]

‘You were great I thought’ by Marigold Fiddian-Green.

You were great I thought  However, you got caught. I headed off to Asia, To travel, enjoy and breathe, Some rants were had and calls were made, It proved quite difficult I think, As in the end, it had to change. And so we broke our link. We broke up I know, But a few […]

‘A CORONA LOVE STORY’. Small play by Eliza Lawrence.

A Revised Courtship By Eliza Lawrence. Setting: Two computer screens reveal the insides of each other’s room. Imran’s is near to empty, a hanging poster of Johnny English hangs from his bed. On his bed there are no sheets. March’s room is chaotic, there is no empty space. Characters: March : 25 years old. British. […]


POET: PURDEY WILLIAMS. I think of you oftenMostly when aloneThe magical qualityOf such a tender bone Others reduce me to broken tearsTheir kisses do nothingTo undermine fears I beg you softlyIn the quiet of my bedTo reanimate this wandering head To teach me loveAnd how to liveIndependently of those that giveTo throw myself upon each […]

SEXY? Sofie Brown.

What Does Sexy Mean To You?           He suddenly turned from his friends, swiveling on his bar stool and asked with a Danish accent and “Who are you waiting for?” I laughed, knowing I was in the country for one night and was completely alone. So I smiled, rubbed his elbow, and said “You!” He […]


The man that looked at the purple sky. And not the purple prince combs his hands around the girl The girl shivers and desperately hugs at his crimson eyes that Look towards the sky. She wants him to smile For his lips to part and breathe Breathe all over her But he lets his air […]

Two websites, Three girls.

An interview about the behind the scenes, the dreams and the hectic means it took to create Wasitgoodforyou and an interview with ClitBait blogs Laila and Lilah who have created a sisterhood you must get to know FIRST LETS INTRODUCE CLITBAIT. Clitbait is an intersectional feminist website that features articles, artwork, poems and letters […]


Ask yourself  What is sexuality? a human need? desire? a form of hunger? a hunger for what? for love? for pure attention? is it creation? or destruction? is it physical through the body? is it emotional through the soul? is it both? is it a pleasure? is it a burden? what does it create? joy? […]